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Sponsors & Supporters

Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors for making our season possible!

$50 + up

Martha Andrews

Mitchell & Parvin Cohen

Joyce Glazner
Pam Griffin

Speranta Klees
Jo Anna Lansdale

Michael & Kathryn Lucia

Nancy Rubatt

Maria Saltich
Cynthia Wolf
Bob Zev

In-Kind Donors

Clive & Janet Cussler

Henrietta Kobley

Marvin & Roberta Perry

Ian & Myrna Shere

Arthur Judson Foundation
WES Water

$5,000 + up 

Arthur Judson Foundation Inc

Jim Lawson

$1,000 + up

Dennis Eynon

Steven T. Mindak

Susan & Pat Stevens

WES Water - Worldwide Environmental Solutions

$500 + up

Andy Abbott

Janet Rae Humphrey

Dr. Edward L. James III

Carla Johnson

Bruce & Sherry Kosaveach

Rosemary Price

$100 + up

Mary Anne Barlow

Beverly Blew

Eugene Brady

Sarah Costanzo

Catherine Conover Covert

Enchant Christmas

Dr. James Gibson

Erika Hanson

Debra & James Larson

Eileen Mager

Cynthia Montague
Deborah & Foster Robberson

Dorothy Lincoln Smith

Evyline Smith

Rosamond Stern

Pat & Ted Stump

Guy J. Tonti Jr.

Special Thanks

Colonel & Mrs. Leon Ray, Veterans Day Concert emcee

Dr. Garik & Patrice Pedersen, Victory Vertical Piano project collaboration

Lisa Brammer, American Sign Language interpreter

Tom Greiner, concert & headshot photographer

Kurt Mackiewich, concert videographer

Jeff Gennaro, caterer

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