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CES Welcomes New Singers!

CES is an intimate chamber choir of 24 to 32 volunteer singers. For our 2023-24 season, A Season of Hope, we are pleased to welcome several brand new singers to our ensemble!

Bonnie Brock

Clint Cooper

Elisabeth Orlowski

Harold Leboyer

Jane Kim

Joanna Burrell

Karin Smalkoski

Maria Poepsel

Penny Thompson

Randy Murray

In addition, we welcome back with open arms our ongoing singers who have been with us a year or two or three ... or 17 years in at least one case!

Andy Abbot

Bill Bennett

Coco Garrison

Eileen Mager

John Wanat

Jolene Kuty

Kim Baney

Linda Moser

Michelle Nettle

Nancy Rubatt

Noa Paden

Pam Griffin

Pat Foley

Peter Murphy

Steven O’Donnell

Susan Dover

Ted Schlossmacher

We are looking forward to an amazing season with truly stellar talent!


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