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Carolyn Eynon Named Arts Hero

Updated: Mar 8

Carolyn Eynon received her “Arts Hero” award at the Larsen Gallery reception last night! Thank you On Media and Salt River Project!

Change may be constant, but Carolyn Eynon’s dedication to vocal music is a study of how consistency and a clarity of purpose to deliver a positive, collective experience leads to transformation.

Eynon made her mark on Arizona’s realm of choral music soon after she arrived from Michigan, where she spent 10 years choral directing at high schools. In 1995, she created the Arizona Arts Chorale. In 2007, she founded the Carolyn Eynon Singers, which currently has 22 volunteers. She also shares her voice in a church choir.

“I’m a pianist by profession, too, but when you play piano that’s you and the piano,” Eynon said. “When you’re singing, it’s your body. It’s your brain. It’s your vocal cords. It’s your instrument. I don’t think there’s anyone who would say that the human voice isn’t the most incredibly intimate instrument to make music.”

Her choral group continues Eynon’s commitment to perform works of female composers and her passion for North American music, particularly program music from early America to present.

“I think North American music is just a unique opportunity to feature so many different composer styles,” Eynon said. “You can do everything from Broadway, to patriotic, to folk, to spirituals. I mean you’ve got it all here in our country. It’s wonderful.”


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